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Pizza Peel and Stone Set

Pizza Peel and Stone Set

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Experience the joy of authentic Italian pizza at home with our Premium Pizza Peel and Stone Set. Designed for those who appreciate the art of pizza making, this set is perfect for cooking up to 12” pizzas, ensuring every family dinner, gathering, or cozy night in is elevated with delicious, crispy crusts.

Our set features a high-quality stainless steel pizza peel, offering excellent stability and support for even the heaviest of toppings. Its smooth surface allows for effortless sliding of the pizza onto the stone, ensuring a flawless bake every time. The peel is equipped with a wooden handle that stays cool to the touch, providing a firm and comfortable grip while protecting your hands from high heat for safer handling.

The highlight of our set is the cordierite pizza baking stone, measuring 33cm x 33cm. Known for its exceptional heat retention and distribution, cordierite is perfect for achieving that coveted crispy crust and evenly cooked pizza. The stone is highly durable, resisting thermal shock and cracking, ensuring years of delicious homemade pizzas.

Transform your kitchen into a pizzeria with our Pizza Peel and Stone Set. 

Both the peel and stone are easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance, and the slim design of the peel allows it to be stored conveniently, saving precious kitchen space. Whether you're hosting a pizza party or simply indulging in a pizza night with loved ones, our Pizza Peel and Stone Set is the ultimate tool for achieving perfect, stone-baked pizzas at home.

Transform your kitchen into a pizzeria with our Pizza Peel and Stone Set for that authentic taste of Italy. 

Product Features:

  • 2-in-1 Pizza Peel & Stone Accessories Set.
  • Designed for Cooking up to 12” Authentic Stone Baked Italian Pizza.
  • Stainless Steel Pizza Peel.
  • Wooden Handle for Safer Handling.
  • Cordierite Pizza Baking Stone (33cm x 33cm). 
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